U.S.A: Marines to be Equipped with Nano-Drones in the New year

Marine Corps squad leaders will reportedly carry new miniature unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in 2017, potentially offering previously unattainable visibility over the battlefield. Each set will likely include two medium-sized UAS, eight nano-sized devices, four micro-sized aircraft, and eight commercial drones - roughly around 286 systems. The push to implment intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology at the unit level is part of the Marine Corps’ modernization strategy.
The Cipher Take:The small, remotely controlled quadcopters are designed for infantry units to peer over hills and walls, around corners, through doors and up-close to vehicles potentially laden with explosives, giving soldiers better situational awareness for maneuver and targeting while lowering the risk of casualties. Moreover, by distributing the drones down to the individual or squad level, each unit can better gather its own intelligence rather than depend on coordination with base to access ISR capabilities.


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