Appeal to the English speaking Greek population for testimonies

Sarah Luzia Hassel -Reusing in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

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Dear ladies and gentlmen,

at the 21.11.2012, I have filed at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague a charge against unknown for the suspicion of a crime against humanity because of intentious and, at the same time, systematic and broad-scale damage to the health of the Greek population (art.7 par. 1 lit. k Roman Statute). Everyone has the human right to the, for the respective person, highest attainable standard of physical and mental health (art. 12 UN Social Pact). In addition to that, the human right to health is protected for women by art. 12 of the UN women’s rights convention (CEDAW) and for children by art. 24 UN childrens rights convention (CRC). Furthermore, children have to be protected, according to art. 19 CRC, against damages. As a result, the human right to health needs to be less affected by austerity measures than any other social human right.

I have directed consciously directed the charge against unknown, because so many persons (among them the Troika consisting of EU Commission, IMF, and ECB, the Eurogroup Working Group of the fincancial undersecretaries, the financial ministers superior to them, and many external counsellors and lobbyists) are involved in the drafts and in the decisions on the conditions in connection with the loans of „Greece Support“ and EFSF, that presumably only the files of the coming into existence of the conditions and testimonies will bring clearness, which concrete persons are responsible for those conditions, which have led to the damage of so many inhabitants and citizens of Greece. The guilty persons must be detected and be held accountable, and the damaging of the health of the Greeks by the austerity measures must be stopped.

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