"Deep Impact" Movie Turning Into Reality, Comet Elenin Matches The Events Happening Now!!

IT HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN that Hollywood’s movie scheduling is, in reality, more like ‘predictive programming’. For instance, the Internet is humming with speculation that recent, seemingly unrelated events (and much covert planning), are in fact preparations for the imminent arrival of Comet Elenin—a scenario that precisely mirrors the storyline of the 1998 movie “Deep Impact”. We have been watching Deep Impact (Here) movie has some very strange parallels to what is happening now. It remarkably mirrors our current situation with comet elenin. In the movie the comet is called elle and it stands for extinction level event. The name elle was used as sort of a cover or subliminal message. Elijah Woods's character is named Leo and he was the first to discover the comet.

In real life Leonid Elenin discovers Elenin with small 18” telescope Comet discovered in Leo. Leonid is also the name of a meteor shower and where do most meteors come from?(Some doubt Leonid Elenin actually exists, and that his name is code for the upcoming event)The other discovers died in a car crash. The president is black. About 1 hour into the movie we have two comets, one over a mile wide and one 6 miles wide. We also have two comets coming in comet Honda(7m) is 1 mile wide and 6 miles wide is as good a guess as any for Elenin(21m). Both these comets will come close to Earth and should be seen in the sky at the same time as they pass between the Earth and Sun.In the movie they developed a new rocket that contains a nuclear reactor called Orion.

NASA has been testing one such rocket already called Ares. One of it's main purposes is to make it easier for us to get to Mars...the name of that "Mars" mission is Orion.  Once the Ares rocket couples with the Orion capsule the mission will be referred to simply as Orion. The rocket from movie also has six burners that they use after the first stage rocket has been used, just like Ares. Keep in mind that in the movie the larger Comet/ELE did not hit the the Earth, but the smaller Comet/YU 55/Honda/Levy did.

As far as we know, the calculations are still being made to see how close it will come to Earth. Here are just a few more similarities:
- The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, meeting the Russians on the ISS.
Obama bringing home 33,000 troops.
- Two weeks till USA budget solved. Obama and Congress fighting over it now.
- The resignation of the “Secretary of Treasury” in August. “The Messiah is the largest space vehicle ever constructed”—So is the ISS (Issa is Arabic for Jesus/Messiah).

August 16th: the date that Earth crosses Comet Honda’s orbital path, 0.082AU.

Wall clock set to 911 on September 11, 2011—Elenin closest point to the sun. This is the day that Elenin(tail may touch Earth) will pass between the Earth and Sun. It is interesting to note here that on Eleven nine, 2011 Elenin will be closest to the Sun and passing though the solar plane on the same day. The 10th anniversary off the 911 disaster.

Down below is captured frame matches, JPL Orbital sim., from June 23rd 2011. Elenin’s orbital path similar to comet in movie.

More facts to consider:

- We have two celestial objects heading toward Earth, that will come very close to us.
- The governments of the world have been building 1000s of deep underground bunkers (D.U.M.B.s) for many years.
- FEMA has been very busy, building ‘camps’ and has acquired millions of body bags. They are preparing for some big event. They are also stockpiling millions of tons of dried food.
- There is growing evidence that the 2012 Mayan calendar endpoint may actually be October 28th 2011—very close to the time we pass though Elenin’s debris field. read it all
- The Hopi ‘End of the World prophecy’ talks about two celestial objects, “Red Kachina” and “Blue Kachina“. Two events, one messes us up and the next ends us. (Kachina=Star or comet)


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