Boston Dynamics - "SpotMini" dog-like robot: Team of them, pull a truck up a hill

The SpotMini is close in size to a sled dog at just three-quarters of a meter tall, though it weighs a bit more at 25 kg. It can also carry things on its back that weigh up to 14 kg. The four-legged robot also has a battery that lasts for approximately 90 minutes under normal circumstances. It can climb stairs, navigate an office building and even get itself back on its feet if it slips and falls on a banana peel. The company describes it as nimble, and notes that the little robot got its name indirectly from what the company calls its big brother Spot—a larger dog-like robot featured in many other videos on YouTube. The little robot, like its bigger brother, has a variety of sensors and cameras that allow it to maneuver in the real world. The SpotMini also has an optional arm that attaches to the front of the robot that can be used for picking up and moving things.

Boston Dynamics has made a lot of videos showing off the capabilities of the SpotMini, some of which can be seen on the company website. As with all of its robots, the folks at Boston Dynamics have made several iterations of the SpotMini, which the company calls its quietest robot ever. The video of the little robots tethered together like a pack of sled dogs pulling a truck was likely made to attract attention and boost sales. But it also demonstrates that the little robot can work with others of its kind to accomplish a task.

The SpotMini, dog-like robot, will be available for sale in the coming months.

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