Russia Warns of Retaliation If U.S. Intelligence Bill Is Passed

On Wednesday, Moscow warned that it would restrict the travel privileges of Russia-based U.S. diplomats in response to the passing of a proposed U.S. bill that would do the same to Russian diplomats. The bill in question is passed annually, but this year’s version has provisions that would restrict the movement of Russian diplomats, who would have to register plans to travel more than 25 miles away from their official post. The bill has passed the Senate’s intelligence committee and the House of Representatives, but has not yet come to a vote in the Senate.
The Cipher Take: This sort of tit-for-tat is normal in many diplomatic interactions and is the sovereign right of all nations. However, this is part of a larger trend of growing mistrust between Moscow and Washington. The U.S. has what it believes is conclusive proof that Russia hacked the DNC while the Kremlin maintains it has done no such thing. If the U.S. passes the bill and Russia follows through with its reciprocal restriction, the situation will only become more complicated, and harder to unravel.


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