British Parliament Backs May's Brexit Timetable

Parliament backed Prime Minister Theresa May’s timetable for Britain’s exit from the EU by a vote of 461 votes to 89 on Wednesday. The motion in Parliament to back the government’s plan to trigger Article 50 – formal withdrawal from the Union – by March of 2017 did come with demands from MPs to reveal the detailed roadmap of May’s Brexit plan. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case to decide whether the Brexit referendum is legally binding or requires Parliamentary approval before implementation.
The Cipher Take: This vote is a major win for May and the Brexit camp. The Prime Minister has won support for her plan to trigger Article 50 at the small price of explaining what that plan is, while simultaneously heading off the threat of the Supreme Court legal challenge. With Parliamentary approval already acquired, May and her government hope that the legal challenge against Brexit, which won the decision in High Court, will be struck down in appeals. Whether that is true remains to be seen, but the stars seem aligned behind a quick departure from the EU. Whether that departure will be a “hard” divorce or a “soft” exit with caveats remains to be seen.


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