FBI Director: Hackers have Attempted Intrusions on Voter Databases

Speaking before the House Judiciary Committee last week, FBI Director James Comey testified that there had been several attempts by hackers to access voter registration databases. The director went on to say that state authorities should exercise caution and take all preventative measures against cyber attacks. Federal investigators have been on high alert ever since the hack of the Democratic National Committee occurred in June.

The Cipher Take: While this news is troublesome, experts believe there is only an outside chance that such activities could sway the U.S. election. Most voting technology is not networked; in many places, voting is still conducted “the old fashioned way” with no computers involved, in part to avoid this sort of tampering. However, given the DNC hack in the midst of an election as close and as contentious as this one, state and federal bodies are right to remain extra vigilant.

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