South Korean Military Cyber Command Breached

The South Korean military has stated their cyber command, set up to defend the country against cyberattacks, has been breached. It appears as if the military’s intranet, or air-gapped internal internet, was compromised with malware, and the attackers accessed confidential material. The classification level or content of that material remains unknown. South Korean military officials have, according to statements, isolated the infected server from the rest of the network, but have yet to determine the extent of data exfiltrated. Military officials accused North Korea of the breach.
The Cipher Take: Though the general conception of North Korea’s technical capacity stems from an image, taken from space, of a darkened landmass with no electricity, the North Korean government has invested heavily in developing cyber capabilities, allowing it to conduct cos- efficient offensive activity against its militarily superior adversaries in a deniable way without risking physical retaliation. North Korea has conducted several espionage and sabotage cyber operations targeting banks, universities, and even nuclear power plants in South Korea. However, the most destructive cyberattack allegedly emanating from North Korea targeted entertainment studio Sony Pictures with an aggressive malware that stole internal communications and deleted vast portions of the company’s data. According to a defector and computer scientist who taught at Pyongyang University, the country has some 6,000 trained, military hackers.


ΣΧΕΤΙΚΟ:  https://secnews.gr/151372/notia-korea-dexetai-epithesi-hacking/

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