Filipino President R.Duterte announced "the U.S. should forget about the newly signed Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA)"

...if he stays in power “long enough.” The EDCA was signed by the previous Filipino administration and is meant to expand cooperation between the two countries’ militaries. The measures include critical basing of U.S. troops in the Philippines, something that appears to be the major sticking point for Duterte as he later said "I do not want to see any military man of any other nation except the Filipino. That's the only thing I want."
The Cipher Take: It is unclear how Duterte intends to overturn the EDCA agreement - it is due to last for a period of ten years, with the option for termination or renewal by either party only available in the final year. A Filipino president can only serve for one term that lasts for six years. However, while Duterte may not be able to overturn the EDCA, he will likely do whatever he can to complicate the deployment of U.S. troops in bases across the country. Duterte’s comments also come before a state visit to Japan; Japanese officials have said they may urge Duterte to seek a stronger relationship with the U.S.


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