Militants Kill Seven Security Personnel in India

In the worst raid in more than two months, militants killed seven Indian security personnel at an army base in the city of Jammu. The attackers took hostages, sparking an hours-long standoff that killed three militants. It is not currently clear whether the militants were disgruntled Indian citizens or Pakistanis crossing the border. Indian authorities have tightened security in the area in an effort to preempt additional attacks.
The Cipher Take: Attacks in India’s restive western provinces have been more frequent this year, but most have taken place in Kashmir, not Jammu. The worst attack against Indian security forces occurred on September 18th when 19 soldiers were killed, but the cycle of violence began when Indian authorities instituted martial law earlier this year; the Indian military has been liberal with its use of force against protestors. Indian Prime Minister Modi pledged to take a strong stance on militant attacks in the region, leading many to fear any and all incidents that might result in escalation between the two countries.


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